Brief History

Formally known as Muslim Fellowship of Singapore (Persatuan Muslimin Singapura-PERMUSI) in 1983,the association was pioneered by a group of Muslim graduates and undergraduates of National University of Singapore and Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

In 1994, PERMUSI / FELLOWSHIP was transformed into a full-pledged student organization called Fellowship of Muslim Students Association (FMSA).

Monday, November 5, 2007

Building Resilient Youths Camp

The bi-annual Leadership Training Camp (LTC) by FMSA will be back this December. Over the years, the LTC has gone through various developments, resulting in a more vibrant, interactive, and exciting 2-day 1-night training for aspiring leaders of the society.

This time, the camp bounces back with the cooperation between FMSA and MUIS. With the theme "My World, My Anchors", the camp will bring the youths to a discovery of the world that they will face as leaders of the future, and the necessary foundations or principles that they need to anchor down in themselves to be efficient and effective leaders - those desired by the society, blessed by God.

Youths of today, CALL NOW to prepare yourselves to be the Leaders of tomorrow...

(Click on the poster for a larger view of the details.)

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Salaam Semua…

Would like to inform you that prior to the “official iftar” at 6pm (pls see description in email below), those who are free can come earlier for a mini community involvement programme. We would be joining our fellow brothers and sisters from masjid kassim and ntums to make a difference (no matter how slight) to some in the community.

What time do you have to report? 3pm or 4pm – There will be 2 trips to the block in bedok.

If you are interested and able to join us for an afternoon of DOING GOOD, please sms/call me at 97879541 or simply reply to this email.

See u there this saturday, insya allah!

Warm regards,

MarLINa mohd Isa


Assalamualaikum wr. wb,

May you receive this email in the best of iman & health. In this special month of Ramadhan, FMSA is collaborating with SAFF-PERDAUS for Iftar & Qiyam, in the hope of forging good ties and strengthening the bond between the two organisations. All FMSA members are cordially invited to be part of this event. Here are the details:

Venue: Masjid Kassim

Time: 5.30pm

Date: 6 October 07 to 7 October 07

Your presence would greatly contribute to the success of the event, insyaAllah. Hope to see you there!


Sumaiyah Ismail
Programme Coordinator

Saturday, July 28, 2007


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